Scheduled Maintenance and Inspections

It begins with a one time, Complete Home Inspection, where we will thoroughly go over your home from top to bottom, inspecting roof to foundation, inside and out. We will make our assessment and send you a full report that detail any troublesome areas.

Home Inspection

Once we know exactly what your needs are with the Complete Home Inspection, we can send you a customized Maintenance Plan.  You can choose what projects you want to do yourself and what projects you want us to handle for you, or you can have us do the complete turn-key package. You are entirely in control.

The Seasonal Maintenance Plan is a customized property management to-do list that allows you to keep up with all the to-do things, as they need done, right on time, year after year, month after month, and week after week. From routine pruning and gutter cleaning to cleaning the HVAC coils and changing the filters. You choose what to service and how you want it serviced.



For single family structures up to 2000 sq foot.

*Add $0.12 for every foot over 2000 sq ft. for single family residential structures.

Seasonal and Monthly Maintenance