Handyman vs. Licensed Electrician.

 When its residential, the HANDYMAN wins every time

There is nothing in a residential house the requires a licensed Electrician, except to connect the meter to the main loop. There is almost NEVER a reason to remove the meter EXCEPT to change the main breaker anyway.

An electrical contractor is one step below licensed Electrician and charges about 1/3 less for his services. However, contractors dont normally take small jobs. But the handyman is about HALF the rate of a Licensed Electrician, and is every bit as capable of handling any residential project.

I recently replaced a 3 phase electrical motor at the Quinlan Car wash. (This is commercial power, the highest in a residential home will only be 220v). I was struggling to find the point of failure. So, I called out a friend of mine to take a look, he is a Licensed Electrician. He was able to find it quite rapidly because he had invested in a multi-tool that do what mine cant…it can read micro ferrets (very expensive tool $$$$), and we determined it was a blown capacitor. He charged me only $100 instead of the normal $250 as a professional courtesy. I have since purchased the multi-tool that can read micro ferrets, because the professional Handyman keeps only the hardest working tools in his toolbox.