The handyman is selling his house

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I built this house in November of 2018 and have lived here since that time. The property is located on a dead end street, don’t believe google maps (see picture below), there is only one way in and out. Its a quiet dirt road, Im about a mile off the paved road. 

I can’t speak enough about the location, quiet and peaceful. You are in the country so there is hunting and fishing (Im very close to lake Tawakoni). Quinlan is growing like crazy, but you don’t have to worry about new neighbors because everyone owns huge pieces of farm land and woods all around me.

The 100 thousand dollar question: Why am I moving? One reason is I want to join my friends who are building a Hebrew Roots community in Broken Bow Oklahoma. But mostly its because I dont have the funds to finish the project.


My friend tried to follow google maps….There is only one way in, and Im serous about it. 4 wheel drive ain’t diddly squat.

County Road 3702
Quinlan, Tx 75474

Arial View:

  • About 15 minutes from town with Walmart, restaurants, commercial businesses. 
  • 2 minutes from a convenient store.
  • 20 minutes from Lake Tawakoni, with Boating, fishing, swimming, camping, picnicking, parks, and bait shops, restaurants.
  • 45 minutes from downtown Dallas
  • 25 minutes to Terrell
  • 25 minutes to Greenville

My direct phone number: (469) 410-4026
(Sometimes I’m working and can’t answer the phone right away, it’s always good to leave a message or text me, thanks)



General Warranty Deed:
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4. Now put my name in the GRANTEE box… “Edwards Carey Todd”
5. Click “Search
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The property is .78 of an acre, just under one acre. Its not a perfect square but is about 200 feet on each side with a long side on the east (where the private road is)

My house is 18 feet across the front and 24 feet long. Its one room with a bedroom and a bathroom. It has a 6×10 front porch. 432water-tight square feet of living space. IT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, the house is dried-in, meaning it’s a water-tight shell, the only thing finished through the sheetrock is the bedroom and bathroom.

It does have an electrical pole with an interior breaker box, Water Meter hook up (No meter, they cost about $2000 deposit!), Water Tower for rain collection (Incomplete project), Area for a Hugelkulture/Permaculture garden (Logs gathered, needs to be buried). A Stock pond, 4 huge Western Cedar Trees, and half the property is wooded. The exterior walls are 2×6 for extra insulation. The roof is insulated between the rafters (this is code for all houses up north). My energy consumption is about $50 per month. It has a Lorex security system with 4k cameras (top-of-the-line system, $800 bought it new a few years ago).

If you hire a contractor to finish it, it will cost another $15K.
1. Septic Tank -$6,000 avg cost
2. Plumbing pipe from the meter to the house – $1,000 (DYI for about $400 and a day of labor)
3. Grey water plumbing line – $700 (DYI, save money and dig the trench when you rent the trencher for the line going from the meter to the house)
4. finish electrical (half done) -$1,000
5. Insulation in walls and ceiling (half done) -$1,000
6. Sheetrock on walls (half done) -$1,200
7. Paint inside -$800
8. Needs top flooring (Including the insulation between floor and subfloor) -$1,500
9. water-meter -$2,000

If I were going to stay, I would:
1 Put in a permanent driveway (Just dirt right now) -$3,000
2. Finish the water tower for rain collection -$1,500
3. Install the solar panels (I have 2 that go with the house along with 2 golf cart batteries that stay with the house). -$1,000
*If a contractor did it for you, add another $3,500


The worth of the property after everything gets done would be about $110,000.

The value of the property as-is, would be between $75-$85,000.

How Much Is My House Worth? A Beginner’s Guide | Bankrate

A professional house Appraiser will cost you about $400 or more.

Panaramic View standing in the far North East corner
Panaramic View standing in the far North West corner

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